BrainStation Announces 2017 Student Outcomes Report

By BrainStation August 24, 2017

BrainStation Announces 2017 Student Outcomes Report


BrainStation’s full-time Web Development and UX Design programs are transformative; not only do we witness our students evolve professionally into talented full-stack developers and UX/UI designers, but we get to watch them grow on a personal level. Our programs are incredibly rigorous and intense, and this challenge, paired with a supportive and encouraging learning environment, makes for a life-changing experience that fosters confidence.

Our end of cohort Demo Day is always a highlight for me, because I get to see what our students have been working hard on over the course of their program, not to mention witnessing their excitement at showcasing all they have accomplished. When you look at the calibre of the projects our graduates showcase, it’s no wonder we have a 97% graduate employment rate within 180 days of graduation.


student outcomes report


With this said, I am so proud of our Students, Educators and BrainStation Team for all of our achievements, and I’m excited to share with you our Student Outcomes Report, detailing our student success across our full-time offerings.

Full-time UX Design Student Outcomes Report | View

Full-time Web Development Student Outcomes Report | View

Our full-time students are living and breathing technology for 10 weeks, not to mention making frequent visits to our campus coffee shop or hanging out at our monthly socials and events. Suffice to say, our full-time programs foster a strong sense of community, one that boasts relationships that last beyond graduation. Hence their graduation is always a bit bittersweet – their presence will be missed, but I’m so excited to see what they will achieve in their future endeavors.


student outcomes report


It was an absolute pleasure to witness hundreds of full-time students graduate their programs this year and enter into the most exciting industry in the world. I also welcome the next wave of future full-stack developers and UX/UI designers into our programs globally. Our full-time programs are intense, you will be challenged, and you will experience transformative growth both personally and professionally. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

Jason Field

Founder & CEO, BrainStation