machine learning engineer (2022 Guide)

Does Google Use Machine Learning?

BrainStation’s Machine Learning Engineer career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a lucrative career in machine learning. Read on to learn more about how Google uses machine learning.

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Yes, Google uses machine learning. One could say, in fact, that Google has mastered using machine learning. Almost every feature Google has to offer contains an example of machine learning and artificial intelligence, starting with search. When you begin to search a query such as “What is a good …” and Google provides suggestions for how you might want to complete the query, “What is a good horror movie?” That’s based on popular search trends and your own online history.

Machine learning helps Gmail filter emails into promotional, primary, or spam inboxes. It also offers “Smart Replies” that give you quick email response options. Google Maps uses transportation data to predict how long a trip may take, Google Translate analyzes different translations of documents to improve its language processing abilities, and Google Photos is able to learn different faces and make folders for you.

Google Home has learned how to respond to different voice queries. The more customers who speak to Google Home, the more data the algorithm has to create more specific and accurate answers.

Ultimately, the majority of a user’s interactions with Google are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.