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Part-Time (New York)

iOS Development

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iOS Development Certificate Course

On Campus or Online

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Create a Fully Realized Mobile App

Learn Swift Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Swift, including object-oriented programming concepts, which can be applied beyond iOS Development.

Build Striking User Interfaces

Storyboard a complete app and create rich user interface layouts with interactive components.

Develop a functional iOS App

Execute every process in the development lifecycle to build a fully realized app that can be deployed on an iOS Device.

Master Industry Tools

  • XCode

  • iOS Simulator

Your Final Project

To earn your iOS Development certificate, you will have the choice to work on a class project, or create a fully realized iOS app.

What You'll Learn

Programming Fundamentals

Learn object-oriented programming with Swift, Apple's programming language for iOS and macOS devices. Understand the basics used by all object-oriented programming languages, including types, objects, control flow, and functions.

App Development Principles

Gain hands-on experience building iOS applications from scratch. Learn the fundamentals behind app development, including layouts (using Swift's UIKit), model-view-controller structure, and storyboards to develop your app's flow.

Interactive App Components

Learn how to make your app interactive using protocols and delegates. This will improve login processes, forms, and any element that requires users to enter data into your app.

Swift Libraries

Swift has a number of libraries that can add additional functionality to your application. You will use CocoaPods to manage dependencies from third-party libraries, and Alamofire to integrate your app with other data sources.

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