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Digital Leadership & Innovation

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Professional Certificate

Digital Leadership & Innovation Course Online

  • Live Classroom
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  • Expert Instructors

Learn to leverage disruptive technologies and digital transformation to drive innovation in your business.

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Learn Digital Leadership Skills Live, Led by Experienced Digital Leaders

Digital transformation has changed the status quo for how modern businesses operate. In this live class, learn how to interpret and apply disruptive technologies alongside digital business models to drive innovation in your business, and gain the skills to lead cross-functional teams through the execution of your vision.


Online classroom. Live and expert-led.

Skill Level

Ideal for learners looking to upskill.

Real Outcomes

Complete an industry-ready case-based project.

Professional Certificate

Earn a BrainStation Digital Leadership & Innovation Certificate.

Upcoming Course Dates & Campuses

Due to COVID-19, some courses are currently being held online.

Pace First Class Last Class # of Classes Class Times
Part-Time January 19 March 23 March 23 10 Wednesdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm EST Enroll Now
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New York

Due to COVID-19, New York courses are currently being held online.

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This Course is Offered Online in Miami

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This Course is Offered Online in London

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This Course is Offered Online in Toronto

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This Course is Offered Online in Vancouver


Foundations of Digital Leadership & Innovation

Through real-world case studies, explore the foundations of digital transformation and how some of the world’s leading businesses have harnessed digital tools and cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in their industries. Learn how to interpret and analyze disruptive technologies, so you’re prepared to tackle the current and future technology landscape in this digital age.

Digital Transformation
Technology Evaluation

Understand Digital Transformation

Through case studies, understand how digital transformation has impacted a variety of industries, and learn how to begin thinking about it in your unique business context.

Evaluate Disruptive Technologies

Learn the framework for evaluating disruptive digital technologies and analyze how they can apply to a diverse range of business use cases. Practice applying this framework to a cutting-edge technology.


Understanding Disruptive Technologies

Guided by digital leaders who are experts in their fields, explore the highest impact technologies shaping businesses today, including data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice, blockchain, and more. Apply the Technology Evaluation Framework to each, and review industry case studies to understand how organizations have leveraged these technologies to disrupt their industries and build competitive advantages. Develop the skills to apply this analysis as the technology landscape continues to evolve, so you’ll always be prepared for innovation and emerging trends.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Internet of Things

Discover Key Disruptive Technologies

Go in-depth on digital disruption and the technologies being leveraged by leading businesses to drive transformation efforts and innovation. Learn what these disruptive technologies are, and how they create value across a variety of industries and businesses.

Practice Evaluating Current and Future Technologies

Use the Technology Evaluation Framework to analyze each technology, developing your ability to evaluate current and future technologies for your unique business needs.


Digital Business Models

Discover the role digital business models have played, alongside disruptive technologies, in driving innovation across the world. Led by your expert instructors, explore some of the most impactful digital business models in use today, and learn how to evaluate digital business models so you can apply them to your business and digital strategy.

Business Model Evaluation
Sharing Economy

Explore Key Digital Business Models

Learn how key digital business models have driven innovation across multiple industries through a case-based approach led by your experienced, expert instructors.

Learn to Evaluate Digital Business Models

Learn the framework for evaluating and deconstructing digital business models to uncover how they drive value and how they can be applied to your own business.


Leading Digital Transformation

Digital leaders must learn to capitalize on digital opportunities including planning and executing on their implementation. Discover Design Thinking, digital roadmaps and Agile delivery, and learn the mindsets and strategy to lead cross-functional teams through a digital transformation in a variety of hands-on workshops and case studies.

Design Thinking
Digital Roadmaps
Agile Delivery
Digital Culture
Digital Management
Leading High-Performance Teams

Unlock Creativity With Design Thinking

Learn how Design Thinking enables creative problem solving, and experience it in motion, through a hands-on group Design Thinking workshop.

Plan and Optimize With Digital Roadmaps

Learn the guiding principles of developing and optimizing your digital roadmap with strategic prioritization and unlocked efficiencies.

Learn Agile Delivery

Understand the Agile Manifesto and how businesses use this adaptive methodology to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.

Lead High-Performance Teams

Explore the concepts and practices behind high-performance teams, and learn how to apply them to transform organizations.

Taught by Experienced Industry Experts

BrainStation Instructors are experienced practitioners who work at the world's most innovative companies. They're experts in their field, and enter the classroom with years of experience making sure you're learning the most up-to-date and practical skills companies around the world need.

Michael Ayoola

Michael Ayoola

Sr. Product Manager at The New York Times

Nada Salem

Nada Salem

Data Scientist at Spotify

Arjun Gopalratnam

Arjun Gopalratnam

Director of Product at Peloton

Warren Chang

Warren Chang

VP, Engineering at Shutterstock

Myriam Kruse

Myriam Kruse

Director of Product at Audible

Michael Ayoola

Michael Ayoola

Sr. Product Manager at The New York Times

Nada Salem

Nada Salem

Data Scientist at Spotify

Arjun Gopalratnam

Arjun Gopalratnam

Director of Product at Peloton

Warren Chang

Warren Chang

VP, Engineering at Shutterstock

Myriam Kruse

Myriam Kruse

Director of Product at Audible

Built With Experts From The World's Most Innovative Companies

BrainStation partners with industry experts when building all of our courses, ensuring every course covers the latest industry-relevant topics and tools businesses need. We continue to work with our network of experts to update our courses so they're always up to date.

Complete a Dynamic Digital Transformation Case Study

To earn your certificate, apply everything you’ve learned with a group case study where you will be presented a unique business challenge. You’ll have the opportunity to apply disruptive technologies and digital business models to define a new, innovative solution and plan your execution roadmap.

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View the Course Package to access:

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  • Financing options
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Earn a BrainStation Digital Leadership & Innovation Certificate

Upon completing BrainStation’s Digital Leadership & Innovation Course, you’ll receive an industry-recognized professional certificate to share with your network and showcase all that you’ve learned. BrainStation certificates are formatted for sharing on LinkedIn.

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In all our online courses, learn from BrainStation's industry-expert instructors through real-time, interactive classes in an engaging classroom environment.

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Join breakout room sessions in smaller teams as part of the hands-on projects in our online courses, where you will collaborate and learn together.

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During your online course, engage with your classmates and instructors in BrainStation’s Slack community, where you’ll receive updates and support. Stay connected and in the loop throughout your online course.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Dylan Hebb

Dylan Hebb

Senior Consultant at Content Bloom

When you take a BrainStation course, you're learning with some of the very best in the industry. You collaborate with product managers, digital strategists, UX designers, and all kinds of other backgrounds.

#brainstation #BeFutureProof #LearningAtBrainStation #remotelearning

Andrew Gosine

Andrew Gosine

Product Designer

Our instructor... was clear, detail oriented, and made the learning environment safe and collaborative. We got a lot of real world examples from him, and all the little details he shared made this entire course special, and more than simply reading a textbook.

Overall, I'm a big advocate for Brainstation's courses - they've proved to be extremely valuable in my career.

Greg Hayes

Greg Hayes

Co-Founder and CEO at Branch

My ultimate goal was to start my own company, and though I didn’t have a specific idea in mind at that time, I knew that BrainStation could provide me with the skills I would need to take an idea from conception to execution.

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Christopher Spinelli

Christopher Spinelli

Art Director at New York School of Interior Design

It's always hard to start something new, especially when it involves learning skills that you know will force you to think differently about your day-to-day work. I'm glad I got over that fear and signed up for two classes... both were fantastic!

#brainstation #webdesigner #webdevelopment

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