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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning Online Certificate Course

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Learn from machine learning experts

Develop skills with hands-on experience

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Master Machine Learning Fundamentals

Develop Foundational Skills

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how machine learning works to bring a technical perspective to the workplace.

Apply Machine Learning

Learn to apply machine learning concepts to the real-world business problems your organization faces.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use real data and select the relevant model to create portfolio projects, and learn how to leverage these frameworks and tools to make decisions.

Your Final Project

To earn your certificate, complete a real-world machine learning project on a data set of your choosing. You’ll structure your problem, develop a hypothesis, and select the machine learning method that best suits your particular problem. Once you’ve implemented your model of choice, you’ll optimize and present your findings.

What You'll Learn

Basic Methodology

Understand what machine learning is and learn about the various industry methods and terminology.

Problem Solving Methods

Gain confidence with supervised and unsupervised learning, regression, classification, clustering methods, and learn about neural networks, one of the most popular methods in the industry.

Machine Learning Process

Learn how to prepare your data, frame your problem, select the right model, and generate insights to support your decisions.

Best Practices

Adopt best practices for machine learning to ensure efficient and impactful work.

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Registrations Currently Unavailable

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