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Adobe AEM Sites Authoring thumbnail

Adobe AEM Sites Authoring

Marketing Part-Time

BrainStation's AEM Sites for Authors training is designed to equip AEM authors with the skills they need to make the most out of the Adobe Experience Management platform.

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Product Part-Time

The Agile training course equips you with the skills to improve your core processes at each stage of the project lifecycle: planning, execution, and delivery.

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Development Part-Time

Cybersecurity Training is designed to equip individuals or teams with security techniques to improve their security management.

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Data Analytics

Data Part-Time

The part-time Data Analytics course was designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of data analysis.

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Data Science

Data Part-Time

Taught by data professionals working in the industry, the part-time Data Science course is built on a project-based learning model, which allows students to use data analysis, modeling, Python programming, and more to solve real analytical problems.

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Data Science Diploma Program

Data Full-Time

The Data Science Full-Time program is an intensive course designed to launch students' careers in data.

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Data Strategy

Data Part-Time

BrainStation's Data Strategy training is designed to provide companies and individuals with the skills needed to develop data strategy at a business level.

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Design Thinking

Product Part-Time

The Design Thinking training course gives you the skills to solve complex business problems using the design thinking process.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing Part-Time

The part-time Digital Marketing course was designed for marketers looking to develop and enhance their skills with the very latest marketing techniques and concepts.

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Excel Training for Analysts

Data Part-Time

The Advanced Excel Training course is designed to give you the tools to perform data analyses within Excel.

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Google Ads

Marketing Part-Time

The Google Ads training course teaches you how to create and manage an effective Ads campaign.

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Google Analytics

Marketing Part-Time

The Google Analytics training course teaches you how to develop a comprehensive analytics strategy.

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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Development Part-Time

Introduction to Cloud Computing Training provides you with the tools to leverage Cloud technology for your digital strategy.

iOS Development thumbnail

iOS Development

Development Part-Time

The part-time iOS Development course is designed to introduce students to the world of iOS development, including the Swift programming language, and the Xcode development tool.

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Machine Learning

Data & Development Part-Time

The part-time Machine Learning course was designed to provide you with the machine learning frameworks to make data-driven decisions.

Product Management thumbnail

Product Management

Product Part-Time

The part-time Product Management course was designed to introduce the very latest product management concepts and techniques.

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Python for Data Science

Data & Development Part-Time

Python for Data Science Training was designed to provide individuals with the fundamental Python programming skills needed to work with data.

Search Engine Marketing thumbnail

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing Part-Time

The Search Engine Marketing course was designed to introduce advanced SEM and analytics skills.

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Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Part-Time

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course teaches you how to optimize your business for discovery in organic search results.

Social Media Marketing thumbnail

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Part-Time

Gain hands-on experience building measurable, end-to-end social campaigns, and working with social media management platforms, including: Business Manager for Instagram and Facebook, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

User Experience Design thumbnail

User Experience Design

Design Part-Time

The part-time User Experience (UX) Design course was developed for professionals with an interest in digital design, web development, and improving the user experience of their product or digital properties.

User Experience Design Full-Time thumbnail

User Experience Design Diploma Program

Design Full-Time

The full-time User Experience Design program is designed to introduce the skills and concepts required to become a User Experience Designer.

User Interface Design thumbnail

User Interface Design

Design Part-Time

User Interface (UI) Design is the practice of transforming user goals and requirements into beautiful, intuitive, and functional digital interfaces.

Web Accessibility thumbnail

Web Accessibility

Design Part-Time

The Web Accessibility training course gives you a comprehensive understanding of how to create inclusive and accessible websites.

Web Development thumbnail

Web Development

Development Part-Time

The part-time Web Development course is designed to provide a crash course in web development, with introductions to HTML, CSS, and the Bootstrap framework.

Web Development Full-Time thumbnail

Web Development Diploma Program

Development Full-Time

The full-time Web Development program is an intensive, hands-on learning experience, designed to introduce the skills and concepts required to build modern web applications.