Intro to Data Analytics

Monday, October 02nd @ 6:30 PM

Monday, October 02, 2017

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

BrainStation Toronto

460 King St West


$20 CAD

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Event details

Experience learning Data Analytics at BrainStation with an introductory evening workshop. 


Looking to become confident with data? BrainStation’s part-time Data Analytics course is an effective medium for achieving your digital goals because it is led by an industry expert, it’s hands-on, and you’re accountable to your Educator and peers. If Data Analytics is something you’re curious to dive deeper into, this 90 minute Intro To Data Analytics Workshop is an excellent precursor to the part-time course and offers a great taste of the BrainStation learning experience.


The workshop will provide you with the basic understanding of Data Analytics, and how you can collect, analyze and communicate insights using tools like Excel and SQL. We’ll look at real-world examples of Data Analytics, and discuss how data can be used to generate ideas, solve problems and encourage innovation. 


We’ll end the workshop with an exercise allowing you to analyze data and draw insights. 


Please remember to bring a charged laptop to the workshop as outlet space is limited


What You’ll Learn


  • Understand the practice of Data Analytics and it’s significance in all businesses today
  • Review case studies of effective and inventive use of analytics
  • Gain exposure to the Data Analytics process
  • Learn about the tools used in various applications of Data Analytics
  • Understand the types of problems data analysts solve and how they approach these problems


Event is non-refundable and non-transferable.



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