Do you offer financing for tuition?

Yes we do! We offer different payment options based on the course to make our education as accessible as possible. Please reach out to [email protected] for more details.

How many students are in each class?

Small class sizes result in more interaction between students and teachers. A low student to teacher ratio ensures that our students get the attention that is needed for project based learning.

Are computers provided?

BrainStation courses are BYOL (bring your own laptop). This allows you to complete homework in the comfort of your own home and to become comfortable with your machine to continue your learning beyond completion of the course.

Can I just learn on my own?

Ultimately people are social learners, there is nothing that can substitute a classroom of students as eager to learn as yourself. It may take you years to learn something on your own without proper guidance. At BrainStation we have industry experts that condense years of learning into a matter of weeks and provide resources to support you beyond graduation as well!

How do I secure my spot in one of your classes?

Your spot will be secured once you've completed the application process and we've received your tuition deposit. Courses start at various times throughout the year so if you apply for a course and it's full, don't worry, we'll get you into the next available spot. If you have any questions about admission to any of our courses, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Who are my teachers?

All of the teachers at BrainStation are experts in their respective disciplines and bring extensive real world experience into the classroom. Simply put, you are learning from the best and brightest. Most importantly, everyone at BrainStation is extremely passionate about education and empowering our students.

Do I need previous programming experience or a background in technology to take your courses?

All of our course pages indicate the minimum requirements we expect students to have before classes start.

What is the time commitment for one of your courses?

The time commitment for each course varies depending on the concepts and material we are covering. There is no magical number because each student learns at their own pace. Our recommendation is to spend as much time as possible practicing and applying the skills you learn to real projects but we understand that everyone has other commitments. We work with every student to help them manage the workload and ensure success.

Who are my classmates?

Students at BrainStation come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Men and women, young and old, students and professionals, local and international. Regardless of background, everyone is here to learn new skills and connect with new people. Group work and collaboration are core pieces to all of our courses so there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know your classmates and grow your network.

Who is Konrad Group?

BrainStation is fueled by Konrad Group, a global leader in the enterprise and consumer technology space. Konrad Group has delivered solutions in use by over 20 million people in 50 different countries around the world to brands such as McDonalds, MTV and Deloitte. Konrad Group works with BrainStation to architect each curriculum based on the skills needed to tackle the digital problems of the 21st century.

Where are your classes?

BrainStation's campuses are located in entrepreneurial and technology hotspots in each of our geographic locations to put our students at the pulse of the digital space.