1 in 6 People Say ‘I Love You’ for First Time via Text Message; 1 in 6 Break up the Same Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

These days, it seems like some relationships happen almost entirely on phones. According to new data from mobile marketing app CheckPoints, 17% of people first say “I love you” to their partner via text message. Not very romantic… but perhaps more forgivable than the 20% who break up via text message.

CheckPoint’s research, conducted by publisher inMarket, reveals that 58% of people text their significant other three or more times per day, while a quarter text them 10 or more times. Talk about constant contact. 

A whopping 42% are nosy or suspicious enough to check out their partner’s phone for inappropriate messages. But it turns out they may be on to something: 40% of respondents say they have deleted texts to hide them from their significant other. Hmm.

Boy, has the game of love changed!