10 Canadian New Media Companies to Watch

IDC Canada released a new study last week that profiles 10 Canadian New Media Companies to Watch and our readers will be very familiar with most of them. The IDC study hopes to provide insight into the solutions, go-to-market strategies, partners, and customers of the 10 select companiesvendors. Their lessons learned may provide a model for other emerging companies in the Canadian technology marketplace, and help larger vendors and investors identify partnership and investment opportunities.

The ten companies featured in the report are as follows:

The analysis in this study provides valuable input to ICT vendors, large and small, to identify success factors employed by emerging Canadian vendors with solutions that address New Media. Some of the key findings from this study include the following:

  1. Canadian companies are targeting early adopters who recognize the value of new media but also feel the side effects, such as managing them efficiently. These customers want simple and cost-effective ways to launch, manage, and measure their new media initiatives.
  2. Mainstream organizations still have a lot of questions around new media, such as “Which tools are the best fit for us?” They also have concerns around security, implementation costs, return on investment, and maintaining control of their brand. Customers will be looking for guidance and services to help them work through these issues.
  3. While differentiation and visibility will be key to success, so too will be positioning new media solutions as “must haves” in a difficult economy that can both reduce costs and increase revenue opportunities.