100 Gigabit network connects researchers even faster

Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) now has an ultra-fast lane on their network, thanks to a collaboration with Ciena to get a 100 gigabit network up and running some powerful applications.

CANARIE, which connects many research institutions including government, university, hospital and other labs, can now collaborate on even more complex undertakings thanks to the faster network.

With the ability to stream live, uncompressed high-definition video, doctors can better connect with medical students and patients while allowing better imagery for collaboration as well.

Meanwhile, the ability to transmit even larger amounts of data than before will assist the Canadian Brain Imaging Research Network (CBRAIN) to access, process and analyze brain imaging and mapping data.

“Our demonstration with Ciena showcases the value of our technology investments and 100G capabilities, as it proves CANARIE’s network to be a flexible platform supporting researchers, educators and innovators across Canada working to improve our health, our economy, our environment and our future,” said Jim Roche, president and CEO of CANARIE in a press release.

“More importantly, the actual applications demonstrated over the live network help move the industry conversation beyond simply building faster networks to how that bandwidth can be utilized – through applications in healthcare, as demonstrated today, but also in applications exploring everything from carbon-free computing to new energy sources, from easing traffic congestion to better managing our ocean resources.”

The technology behind the 100 gigabit network was developed by Ciena, who recently bought Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Network.

“Today’s demonstration not only underscores our continued market leadership in 100G technology, but also extends our long history of collaboration and deployments with research and education customers who are at the forefront of advanced technology adoption,” said Philippe Morin, senior vice president, global products group at Ciena in the press release.

“Beyond needing to push more traffic to smartphones or stream online videos, our work with CANARIE highlights the capabilities of its 100G-ready network and the real impact high-capacity networking can have on improving research collaboration to accelerate discoveries in science, medicine, education, renewable energy and other disciplines.”