’15 Minutes of Fame’ returns to Toronto’s Mesh Conference this May

After being on hiatus for a couple of years, the Mesh Conference is bringing back 15 Minutes of Fame.

What is 15 Minutes of Fame, you ask? It’s a chance for entrepreneurs, startups, or someone with an innovative or interesting idea to grab the spotlight at Mesh. The winners will have the opportunity to show their work or ideas to marketers, journalists, venture capitalists and lots of other people attending Mesh on May 25 and 26.

So, how do you apply for 15MOF? All you have to do is fill out this form, which will take about five minutes.

Three winners will receive a ticket to mesh, the opportunity demo and/or present in the Sponsor Village, and the chance to do a five-minute presentation at Mesh on May 26 in a workshop space.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a following package that includes a mentorship lunch with Farhan Thawar, vice-president of engineering, with Xtreme Labs, a half-day PR training session from Edelman, a one-year membership from the Toronto Board of Trade (more details here), and a one-hour consulting session with Mark Evans, a mesh co-founder and digital marketing strategist.

Mesh will happen at the Allstream Centre in Toronto. Tickets can be purchased here. For anyone in Western Canada not able to make Mesh, it’s coming out to Calgary for a one-day Meshwest on June 8.