1st Video turns your smartphone into a portable video editing room

When TV news crews go out on the scene, they usually need to bring an entire broadcast truck with them to get their footage ready for broadcast. But what if all they needed was a smartphone instead?

Kelowna’s VeriCorder has developed a new app for iPhone and Droid phones that allows professional-quality video to be shot, recorded, edited and uploaded all from the smartphone. With the new 1st Video app, reporters in hazardous situations or simply operating on a budget need no longer have the accompaniment of a camera crew to tell the story; just a good eye for framing.

The consumer version can be bought for $9.99, while the net version requires a corporate account with VeriCorder. The net version features integration with a newsroom system.

To see what 1st Video can do, check out this video of the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna, shot entirely with 1st Video running on an iPhone 4.