20 MakeGood annual subscriptions up for grabs

You may have noticed that Vancouver startup MakeGood has been advertising on Techvibes for the past couple months. In an attempt to “make good” ourselves, Techvibes worked out an exchange with them to help them kickstart their social responsibility trustmark business.

MakeGood acts as the bridge between the customers and businesses, enabling companies to display the positive things they are doing while publicly stating their commitment to social responsibility. Which is great for customers, because they can see what each company cares about and supports.

We believe businesses have a responsibility to make the world a better place, beyond just the balance sheet. But it’s not only about a big corporate donation. Being responsible can be some employees donating their lunch hour to volunteer at a soup kitchen or making environmentally friendly choices; like going paperless.

With the MakeGood trustmark, businesses are able to communicate the causes they support simply and easily, without having customers leave their company page.

We’ve got 20 annual subscriptions ($120 value) up for grabs for Techvibes readers. So if you’re doing good things in your community that you’d like to tell your customers, prospects, and website visitors about, sign up for free account on MakeGood and start spreading the word.

Your ‘Standard’ account is free for 12 months when you use our ‘makegift‘ promotional code.