2010 Bootup company shares good fortune

Recently Compass Engine was announced as one of the companies accepted into the Bootup Labs January cohort.  We felt incredibly privileged and thought a good way to celebrate would be to share our good fortune with the people of Vancouver.  To that end we created the one day only Compass Engine FOOD DRIVE. 

From the Food Drive site:

At Compass Engine we believe in making the world a better place than we found it.

To that end we have decided to raise $1000 for the Vancouver Foodbank on Tuesday December 22nd. 

On that day McElroy (Compass Engine CEO) is driving around with his wife and daughter.  We are going to go from one person/business/organization to the next.  We are going to raise money from each of those people and ask them to recommend the next stop on the route.

We sincerely believe that a HUGE majority of this city would (and will) happily give money to the foodbank.  The reason they don’t is it’s to hard.  And by to hard we mean filling out a form on a website or walking to the mailbox half a block away.  We as people are not cruel… we are just lazy.  And that’s OK. Compass Engine is coming door to door.  We are solving the lazy by coming to your desk at work.  You get to do the fun part- make the world a better place with a little bit of your money and we do all the boring work- getting from A to B. 

So on Tuesday December 22nd follow us on Twitter (@CompassEngine) or email McElroy at m.flavelle@compassengine.com or even phone us.  (778.898.4221)  However you do it, get a hold of us and tell us what  you think.  Can you donate?  Can you recommend somebody else to donate?  Maybe you just have some words of encouragement.  Whatever the story, we would LOVE to hear from you.