2010 Ready to Rocket list announced

Vancouver’s Rocket Builders announced their eighth annual Ready to Rocket 25 list this evening naming 25 privately held BC companies that are “best positioned to capitalize on the 2010 technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers”.

The annual Ready to Rocket 25 list aims to predict the companies that will likely experience significant revenue growth, venture capital investment or acquisition by a major player in the coming year.

19 of the companies on the 2010 list are repeat Ready to Rocket recipients, however 6 new companies have be tagged as “Ready to Rocket”:

MetroLeap, Axia, Clevest and AERS are past recipients of “Emerging Rocket” recognition, a list that identifies pre-growth companies with high likelihood of acquiring investment and customers to position themselves for future selection as “Ready to Rocket” companies.

In addition to the Ready to Rocket 25, Rocket Builders also announced its 2010 lists of “Emerging Rockets” across 4 sectors:

Internet, Wireless and New Media

BioTech & HealthTech


Information Technology and Communications (ICT)