2011: The Year of Android Malware

Google’s mobile platform, Android, has been plagued with malware issues this year. And it’s only getting worse.

A recently released report from Juniper has revealed that malware on the Android platform has risen by 472% since July—that’s an average jump in malware of 118% per month. But as it turns out, growth is actually accelerating, with higher increases in malware in October and November. 

Google’s open system has come back to bite it—and its Android consumers—in the ass. It’s easy for developers to make apps anonymously for the platform and launch them on the Android Market, while Apple has much more secure and rigorous filters in order to prevent malicious software.

Spyware and SMS Trojans are the two chief problems. Spyware can track your device’s information—including your own private data—and send it to third parties. Spyware can also control the device in many ways. SMS Trojans are able to send your money to the hackers via text messaging.

This is worrying because 76% of smartphone users access sensitive business information. To avoid malware, Android users must be aware that their device is vulnerable, be cautious of suspicious apps, QR codes, and links, and use quality anti-virus software.