21% of Canadians Now Own Tablets and Apple’s is By Far the Most Popular, Study Finds

Canadians are jumping on the tablet trend at a startling rate, a new study has revealed.

21% of Canadians now own a tablet, up from just 6% one year ago, according to CBC/Radio-Canada’s Media Technology Monitor. That’s a staggering growth rate in adoption of 350% in just 12 months.

That may be a shock to some, but what’s not surprising is that Apple’s iPad leads the way as the most popular tablet (by far): 62% of tablets in Canada are iPads.

However, just like with BlackBerry smartphones, RIM draws on patriotic pride to have an atypically high market share for its PlayBook in Canada. While the share of its tablet varies between 1% and 5% in other developed countries, the PlayBook boasts a 20% marketshare here in Canada, according to the study.

Photo: Brett Jordan