24% of Us Say Smartphones Increase Our Stress Levels

This week, SAY Media announced the results of a new mobile research study, which found that smartphones and tablets increasingly influence consumer purchasing decisions, are used to monitor individual health and exercise habits, and increase the efficiency of most users’ lives—while adding tangible stress to others’.

According to the data, 24% of workers find their smartphones increase stress. But that’s balanced out by the half that say their devices better enable them to take care of personal items during the workday, thus reducing stress.

The gold nugget for markets is that 61% of mobile users research a product on their mobile device before making a purchase decision and 37% validate a price at the point of sale. Further, nearly half have redeemed an offer through their smartphone or tablet.

“Mobile platforms are a powerful way to drive a more personal connection—they allow marketers a unique opportunity to get closer to consumers and deliver value in unprecedented ways,” said David Tokheim, SVP of Media Solutions at SAY Media. “Our research findings explore how people are relying on mobile devices everyday, across both work and personal needs. These insights can guide any digital strategy to engage consumers at all phases of the marketing funnel.”