4% of British Columbians Work at Startups, the Most in Canada

BC, specifically Vancouver, is on its way to becoming Canada’s premier startup hub, locals insist.

According to Maclean’s magazine, “the centre of gravity for small businesses is shifting westward.” This is reinforced by a recent study from CIBC, which suggests BC dominates the provincial ranks in terms of how much of the population work at startups.

3.9% of British Columbians work in a startup. That’s nearly double the share in Manitoba, Canada’s province with the lowest relative rate of startup activity.

Vancouver hustling to become Canada’s “premier start-up hub,” according to East Side Games CEO Jason Bailey, whose company. He says the city has many investors who consider the region as Silicon Valley North.

Award-winning venture capitalist Boris Wertz, founder of Version One Ventures, has another explanation. He told Maclean’s that “BC has a relatively-high share of entrepreneurial activity because there are not many head offices, and people who want to live here have to find ways to earn their living.”

“Canada has a tremendous amount of engineering and design talent,” Boris added, “but sometimes not the courage to build world-changing companies. I would love to see more entrepreneurs with huge ambition.”

Alberta is second at just over 3%, a sliver ahead of Canada’s average, which falls just below that mark. Ontario, which houses such hotspots as Toronto and Waterloo, sits below the national average.