4,000 Devices: A Visualization of How Brutal Android Fragmentation Has Become

Everyone knows that one of the downsides of Google’s popular mobile platform, Android, is fragmentation: numerous manufacturers using various versions of the operating system to create myriad smartphones with a multitude of different specs, from different screen sizes and resolutions to fluctuating amounts of RAM and processing power.

OpenSignalMaps—which does not firmly denounce fragmentation as solely a bag thing—created a few visualizations of the Android issue. The most striking is a map of the device models (nearly 4,000 of them in total), shown here.

You start to feel really sorry for Android app developers. No wonder the experience on Android handsets isn’t generally as smooth as on the iPhone and iPad: it’s much easier for developers to consistently control the look, feel, and performance of their apps on the streamlined software and hardware of iOS.

Image: OpenSignalMaps