5 iPhone apps that were banned from the App Store but eventually accepted

Apple has always been stringent. From hardware design to marketing, precise and unwavering consistency and strictness has always been employed. Perhaps nowhere more evident is this philosophy of Apple’s than its App Store and its expectations of developers.

Recently demonstrated by Apple’s shift in policy that put app makers in a sticky situation, the company never bows down to public pressure and makes no apologies about its decisions. Still, even Apple is willing to offer second chances. Here, we look at five apps that Apple originally rejected, but ultimately, for one reason or another, accepted into the App Store.

1. Pull My Finger.

The very first farting app ever launched on the App Store was originally rejected, with Apple citing the fair judgement of “limited utility.” A few months later, Apple caved and published the app. That was in 2008. Farting app developers have never looked back since.

2. Google Voice.

Apple and Google don’t often get along—Android, anyone? It spent a year blocking Google Voice from the app store on account of the app “duplicating” a “core” feature of the iPhone. Fair enough. In December of 2010, it finally relented, publishing the app… but only appoving multiple other third-party Google Voice apps. Zing.

3. Newstoons.

Newstoons was the brainchild of Mark Fiore, a political cartoonist who won a Pulitizer Prize for his provactive work. Apple appeared to think less of it, banning the app for the defamation of public figues. However, the decision was later reversed, and Steve Jobs himself came out to label the move a “mistake.”

4. Candywars.

Candywars wasn’t always the sugary sweet game you know and love. Catamount Software originally submitted the game under the title Prohibition 2: Drug Wars. Apple’s taste for such a game was nowhere to be found. Hence the switch from narcotics to candy in order to get the game in the App Store.

5. Snuggle Truck.

Snuggle Truck wears the same suit as Candywars. This game is about riding animals around in the back of an old pickup, but it wasn’t always. Originally the Smuggle Truck, the game was about illegally smuggling immigrants across a border. Apple said no, Owlchemy Labs made some changed, and Apple said yes in round two.