5 terrific Twitter apps for the savvy business user

This article was written by Douglas Idugboe and originally published on Smedio.

Twitter in the last couple of years or so, has changed the way social media marketing is done or as I personally believe has become the single largest tool in this regard. So, if you are one among those marketers on twitter looking for a comprehensive tool that will assist your campaign, then here are 5 tools that could well have the features your were looking for.

Co Tweet

CoTweet has a lot to offer in terms of features, its increasing popularity tells the story, some of its features include:

Multiple accounts and multiple users; Monitor keywords, trends; On duty notifications; Assign updates to colleagues; Conversation threading; Click on any username to view rich profiles, Click tracking; Tweet scheduling; Multi-account posting; Message archive.

Media Funnel

MediaFunnel will put you firmly in control of your organization’s Twitter and Facebook use. It will help you generate more consistent and relevant content for your audience by engaging more of your staff in the tweeting process. MediaFunnel supports multiple user types — administrators, publishers and contributors. Contributors’ tweets can originate from a web client or a mobile device — these tweets are placed in a queue for editorial review by a publisher or an administrator.

With support for multiple Twitter and Facebook users and accounts, tweet and post scheduling, email tweeting and brand alerts. MediaFunnel will provide your organization with more control over your social media business use and enhance your Twitter and Facebook image and presence.

Objective Marketer

This is a leading enterprise solutions to launch and track your Twitter marketing campaign.  It lets you use Twitter as a total marketing campaign. It allows for a comprehensive analysis on your turnover as well as measuring efficiency of channels. It is already a buzz among many internet marketers. So if you are social media marketer this is a tool very much worth trying.


Buzzom is a powerful tool for any social media marketer. It allows you to manage your twitter account and it is one of the most loved applications in Twitter-dom. Some of the features that it provides are managing your followers /followings, and measures your performance. Its Feed management feature allows you to automatically feed status to Facebook and Twitter. Then there are other helpful widgets to put in blogs and websites. It also has a premium version with comprehensive services for social media marketing campaigns.


Trendrr is a complete service for your social media brand tracking and management. It keeps track of Live Web Search, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It gives a complete dashboard and reporting system to monitor every development in your campaign.

Hope you find these tools useful. If I missed any app that are equally good or better, please mention them as a comment below.