5 things to do while you wait in line to buy the new iPhone 4

You’re going to line up, aren’t you?  Despite the negative press the iPhone 4 has received south of the border.  Despite BlackBerry’s iPhone killer announcement.  You will still line up.  You will get there early.  With time to kill.  So, what is a social media consuming, gadget loving person to do?  Here are five things we suggest you do as you wait in line on tonight and on Friday morning to buy the new iPhone 4:

1.  Do a minute by minute play-by-play on your Twitter account.  Anyone who is not getting the new iPhone will either be jealous and envious or they will unfollow you faster than you can say Steve Jobs.

2.  Go to the nearest Tim Hortons and buy a dozen cups of double double. Re-sell it everyone in line for a 100% mark-up because you need the extra money.  The 16GB iPhone 4 will cost you $159 with a 3 yr term.  If you want the cadillac version be ready to fork over $269 for 32GB for a 3 yr contract.  Repeat if neccessary.

3.  Laugh at the people walking by who are talking on their BlackBerry.  Many iPhone users believe that if someone does not use an Apple product that they are using something inferior.  Not to mention the bad rap BlackBerry caught as a result of this New York Times article.  And although RIM is announcing a new OS and model on Tuesday, it won’t be as good as the  iPhone 4. Don’t believe me?  Ask any iPhone fanboy.


4. Get on Foursquare and check into the Rogers store.  Every 5 minutes.  Once you become the Mayor of the Rogers store move to the front of the line.  Show people your Mayor Badge. Mayorship has its priviledges.  Unless you’re not an iPhone customer with Rogers.

5.  Go online and search what people are saying about the Android OS.  Then get out of line and get some sleep.  The  iPhone 4 may not be worth it.  (And we didn’t even mention their faulty antenna. Opps!)