6S Marketing and the Canary Derby

Techvibes is a media sponsor of the Vancouver Canary Derby on June 27th. 

One week remains to prepare for the second annual Vancouver Canary Derby and competition is getting fierce!  Today we hear from 6S Marketing.

6S Marketing Inc. is recognized as one of North America’s top Internet Marketing companies.  Operating out of Yaletown, 6S provide search engine marketing services aimed at increasing profits through targeted and effective online presence.  Included in 6S’s menu of offerings are the following search engine marketing (SEM) services: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click management, analytics, media buying and marketing strategy.  6S is a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, Authorized AdWords Company, Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant and a Yahoo Ambassador.  They operate out of the stylish Yaletown district in downtown Vancouver, BC.

6S Marketing grew from humble beginnings in 2000, when co-founders and Directors, Chris Breikss and John Blown, left their full-time jobs to follow their dream, and start a business in the internet marketing field, where they sensed a unique market potential.  The company was headquartered from the 140 square foot solarium of Chris’s apartment – not your typical office setting.  But the leaders of 6S held strong and devoted time and energy to establishing client relationships and connections.  In 13 short months, they expanded and moved into offices in trendy Yaletown.  They haven’t slowed down since.

The 6S team is comprised of 22 dynamic, diverse and energetic individuals, each an expert in a respective field that falls under the search marketing umbrella.  Warm, approachable and informed, employees at 6S take pride in staying on the cutting edge of internet marketing, supporting their community and sharing a passion for everything “online.”

Christian Paul, 6S employee and Team Lead for the Canary Derby, provides these fascinating 6S Marketing Fun Facts:

  1. 6S Marketing’s official incorporation as a business was a rushed one.  The founders struck their first deal and received a cheque made out to “6S Marketing” before the business was officially registered and incorporated.  Therefore in order to cash it, some swift legal and banking action was taken and within a month, the money was in the bank!
  2. 6S Marketing attracts employees from around the world.  Currently on their team, employees from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.
  3. 6S Marketing has a large number of red heads on staff (not intentionally) – more than the average.  4 of the 20 staff have fiery red locks.
  4. Not only does the 6S team work and live in Yaletown, but they hang out there too! They can often be found at cocktail events at Opus Hotel or dining at Goldfish. They attend events and network in the neighborhood on a regular basis.

When asked why 6S joined the Canary Derby this year, Christian told us that, “One of the pillars of the 6S Marketing philosophy is to remain active and involved in the community.  The team regularly participates in and sponsors charity or community related events year round and all of our team members are encouraged to put forward causes important to them.  Our approach to community involvement is to bring the 6S spirit and energy to each and every event that we attend or support.  We take pride in using our skills, in both a professional and personal sense, to help out whenever possible.  The Canary Derby was a perfect fit for us, as it raises money for an important cause that we are passionate about and is also a light-hearted and fun event!  We all felt strongly about signing up this year…and not just because we wanted to win!

Christian gives us the down-low on 6S’s cart:

  • We’re in it to win it, for both style and speed.  Why choose only one, when you can conquer both!
  • Our driver is Kelly “Kells Belles” Robertson.  She was part of the pit crew for French Formula One racer Jean Girard before transferring over to legendary NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby’s team, where she eventually rose up the ranks to become a full fledged driver.  Kelly’s message to all the other teams out there: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”
  • Our cart was built by all the folks at 6S Marketing, graphics and decals by Ron Fiedler at Barnstorm Creative, wheels provided by Ben Hsu at Fountain Tire, and roll bar by Josh Lorencz of J&R Customs.
  • The theme for our cart is Mario Kart!

6S put a great deal of time and effort into their fundraising.  They used their high profile event, Ideas on Tap, as the ideal setting to reach out to the public and their peers and held a themed 50/50 draw at the event on June 11th.  In full costume, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong (Mario was unfortunately a no-show) rallied the Vancouver tech and business community to open their pockets and minds to the cause. 6S’s sponsorship goal is $5000 and they are getting sponsorship from a few partners and also reaching out to family and friends to make this goal a reality.

We asked Christian if 6S’s team had any challenges for the other competitors and he didn’t hesitate for second, “Rogers – you may have the fastest wireless network, but on race day the only numbers you’ll dial are dropped calls.  Webnames – watch out that your cart doesn’t 301 redirect into the side of the road.  Aquatic Informatics – come race day, we’ll make sure that your cart sleeps with the fishes.

Look out everyone!  Here comes 6S with a vengeance so DONATE now!