7 Ways to Give Your Social Media Presence a Boost

This article was written by Douglas Idugboe and originally published on Smedio.

A lot has been said and talked about social media in the business world. Several recent surveys and research reports have indicated that social media is firmly on its way to becoming a norm rather than an exception amongst businesses. Whether its large multi-national enterprises or SMBs, everybody seems to be in a mood to cash in on the social media opportunity.

However, merely having Facebook and Twitter profiles will do no good to your business. You need to proactively look for ways to boost your social media presence. In this post, I present 7 proven tips which will help you boost your social media presence.


You certainly don’t want to end up being another Tom, Dick or Harry in the social media crowd. Focus on exclusivity and it will bring you rich rewards. I’ve come across several businesses which carved out a niche by providing exclusive and quality content. If you differentiate yourself, it provides a massive boost to your social media presence.


I’ve come across several businesses which spend thousands of dollars on building impressive Facebook and Twitter profiles. However, they miss a key ingredient – actively engaging the audience. If you do not interact and discuss with your audience, your profile will end up merely as a showpiece with little business value.


Businesses must remember that social media is a 2-way street, it’s give-and-take where you must be prepared to listen to your followers and speak to them. Several businesses end up using social media as a means for blatant sales pitches without bothering to listen to what their customers want. In my opinion, such an approach is a recipe for disaster in the social media world.


The USP of social media is its community spirit. Make sure to integrate your social media presence with the rest of your marketing communication efforts.  Use the opportunity to showcase your social profiles on your website, advertise it as part of your email signature, encourage customers to join in your campaigns and build an active community with your audience to share your messaging with their friends.


One of the biggest reasons why Facebook and Twitter are so successful is that they’ve been quick to adapt with technology changes. Facebook now allows users to leave comments on third-party websites using its API. Integrating your business blog with Facebook is a good idea as it brings in good traffic and highlights that your Facebook followers participate actively on your blog.


Promote your social media presence with contests, giveaways, discounts and special offers. Encourage your followers to participate and reward them for their loyalty. People love contests and who doesn’t want a free gift anyway. Promotional campaigns such as contests and giveaways are very helpful for a brand who wants to grow their audience quickly and for those people to be plugged-in to the brand for relevant updates.


It’s a war out there. Your competitors are firing on all cylinders to stay atop the social media bandwagon. If you want to compete, be prepared to slog. Be patient, perseverance pays and that’s especially true in the social media world.

What measures do you usually adopt to boost your social media presence? Please share your social media success story with us by leaving a comment below this post.