75 Canadians Among 1,000 Hoping to Live and Die on Mars Colony

1,058 people from around the world were recently selected to move on to the next round of Mars One’s ambitious project.

More than 100 countries are represented in that list, including Canada, which is the second most popular countries with 75 people entering the next round (the US has close to 300 applicants in this round). More than 200,000 people applied last year.

The 1,000 people includes nearly 500 women and almost 600 men. Most are under the age of 35, but some are older, including one applicant who is 81.

These people, if they go to Mars at all, won’t go until 2025. Until then, they will undergo a series of emotional, physical, and mental tests as the number of people is whittled down. More than 1,000 of them will be eliminated from the project within four years, at which point a group of no more than 40 will train extensively for seven years in preparation for a journey that will end with death on Mars.