7.5 Million Canadian Shazam Users Get Instant Listening with Rdio

22% of Canadians are making sure they can name that tune, according to the number of people using music discovery app Shazam. With over 120 million users in over six major countries, 7.5 million of which are from Canada, Shazam has become the go-to application to identify songs playing on the radio, the TV or the one that is stuck in your head that you just can’t put your finger on.

Shazam is taking music discovery one-step further with the launch of Rdio access in the app that lets users instantly listen to entire songs via this music streaming service. This exclusive partnership started in the fall of 2012 in the US but just recently became available in Canada last week. This feature is now live for users of both the Free and Encore versions of the Shazam App for iOS and Android.

Users who tap on the “Listen on Rdio” link on songs they have tagged will open the Rdio app on their device to play the song. For those that don’t have the app installed, the link will take you first to the Rdio app download page in your applicable app store. Within the Rdio app, full versions of the song will play for those with valid subscriptions (trial or paid) while a short clip of the song will play for those that need to sign-up or renew.

Rdio is the first music streaming service to integrate with Shazam. Prior to Rdio, iOS users only had access to previews via iTunes or connected YouTube videos.  Access to iTunes for both previews and purchases are still the dominant option within the iOS app. iTunes has three of the ten options presented to a user when a song is tagged and continues to power the native preview when the song is presented.

For Canadian Android users, Rdio is an especially attractive update as Shazam users previously did not have preview capabilities in the app outside of available YouTube videos. That being said, Amazon purchase links are still the first option for tagged songs on these devices. 

Shazam users on both platforms are sure to benefit from Rdio’s growing catalogue which recently hit a major milestone of over 20 million songs. In addition, integration with Shazam creates a new and seamless way for Rdio users to add songs and new artists to their playlists. 

“Rdio’s partnership with Shazam closes the loop between discovering a song and being able to hear it again and again,” said Drew Larner, CEO of Rdio. “The combination of Rdio and Shazam gives music lovers the fastest tagging service and a groundbreaking digital music service so they can identify, save, and organize their music discoveries,” said Jason Titus, CTO of Shazam.

The Shazam app integration gels well with the success Rdio is seeing on this platform here in Canada – especially on iOS where Rdio says their users are most engaged. According to Rdio, iOS users visit Rdio on their devices more than twice as often as on Web and on average their sessions are 16% longer. They also visit about 15% more often than Android users, although Android users have longer average sessions.