7Geese Helps Enterprise Get Rid of Performance Reviews

Vancouver-based 7Geese, a social performance management vendor, with a mission to destroy performance reviews is gaining traction in the enterprise.

Today 7Geese is announcing that it has signed a 3-year contract with IOD, a leading Health Information Management solution provider based in Wisconsin with approximately 2,000 employees.

“We are excited to rollout 7Geese in our organization to enhance employee engagement, alignment, recognition, and development,” says Carol Runyan, director of learning and development at IOD. “Our managers are thrilled to use a social approach to help improve performance, track employee goals, and provide immediate, real-time feedback and coaching. Using this approach will drive the overall performance and growth of our employees and our organization in a way traditional performance reviews never could.”

7Geese was launched last year with focus on serving new, innovative, and GenY-driven companies like HootSuite that refused to add the baggage of performance reviews to their organization. However, in recent month, it has been gaining the attention of enterprise customers, especially after announcing its partnership and integration with Yammer in March.

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“Performance reviews are archaic, painful, and ineffective. There is a lot of research showing that they damage company culture and reduces company performance,” added Amin Palizban, CEO of 7Geese. “However, companies still do them because there hasn’t been any alternative ways to do performance management.”

“We started 7Geese to address this problem by providing a social, empowering, and continuous approach to manage performance,” he continued. “Many have claimed that we are too early for the market. But seeing enterprise customers signing up to 7Geese, gives us the fuel we need to work on freeing employees from the nasty reviews that everyone hates.”