7Geese now available in Google Apps Marketplace

Last May Techvibes covered 7Geese from Vancouver’s Paltech Solutions. Last week they announced that 7Geese is now available in the Google Apps marketplace.

7Geese is a social performance management software that empowers employees to better achieve goals, get recognized, and receive continuous feedback in an engaging social environment. Traditional performance management process are slow, painful, and in-effective. With 7Geese, we make performance management real-time and continuous, allowing ongoing feedback, recognition, and goal tracking.

With similarilites to both Toronto-based Rypple and enterprise social network Yammer, 7Geese is an company-wide social network with an emphasis on achieving goals and getting things done. They’re gamifying the process and targeting companies that aren’t interested in rigid goal setting, performance tracking, and project management software.

Over the next few months 7Geese will be integrating extensively with Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar applications.