84% of iPad Users are Satisfied With Their Device; 17% Have Installed Over 80 Apps

The iPhone 4S—along with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS—boasts an extraordinary satisfaction rate. So it isn’t surprising that a new study reveals a high level of happiness with iPad owners, too.

New data released from Software Usability Research Laboratory revealed that 84% of iPad owners are satisfied with their tablet. 10% deem the iPad “the best imaginable,” 62% deem it “excellent,” and 21% deem it “good.”

Tablet owners on average download more apps, and more paid apps, than smartphone owners, previous studies have shown. For the iPad, 17% of owners have downloaded a whopping 80-plus apps. However, nearly a third (33%) have downloaded less than 20 and 35% say they only use 5 or less regularly. Only 4% say they actually use more than 20 apps regularly.

The most common room in a house ti use an iPad is the living room. The bedroom is the second-most, followed by the kitchen and finally the dining room. (Come on, we all know you use it in the bathroom.)