9 Interesting Things You Should Know About Amazon

Amazon is a pretty amazing company, what with having revolutionized ecommerce and all. It started as an online bookseller but has become a storefront for myriad other goods. Now, as the creator the most popular ereader and what is poised to be the most popular tablet aside from Apple’s iPad, Amazon has become bigger than anyone could have imagined 10-plus years ago.

Today, FrugalDad released an infographic that highlights some of the company’s crazy stats—like how its annual revenue is larger than the gross domestic product of half the world’s countries. Or how its web sales exceed those of WalMart, Target, and Buy.com combined (five-fold!). Or how in 1995, Amazon’s only “warehouse” was a 400-square-foot garage, and now it has 25,000,000 square feet across 50 warehouses.


Amazon Infographic