90 days and counting: The Elections as reflected through Google Search (Infographic)

The elections have dominated Canadian media for over the past month with Canadians closely monitoring campaign updates and sharing their support on social networks.  Though the Conservative party remained the majority it was the NDP party led by Jack Layton who made history by becoming the first Official NDP Opposition in Canadian history.

Although there seemed to be strong support for the NDP party on social networks it is interesting to see how search was impacted as the election date drew near.  The following charts were generated using Google Insights for Search and compared the volume of searches of each party over the last 90 days.

Last 90 Days of Search

Ninety days prior to Election Day the NDP and Liberal Party seem to be dominating search results with the other parties search volume barely having an impact on overall search volume.  The top three breakout keyword searches used during this period include “Canada Elections 2011”, “Elections Canada” and “Green Party Platform” (breakout search terms are defined by search terms that have increased growth over 5000% from a comparable period time).

Last 30 Days of Search

Although all parties are starting to increase in search volume the “NDP” search term seems to have experienced a significant increase when compared to the rest of the parties.  The top three searches are: “ndp platform” (search increase 150%), liberal party platform (search increase 140%), and conservative party platform (search increase 100%).

Last 7 Days of Search

The last seven days of search showed the NDP clearly instate itself as the leader of search as it breaks through search volume and clearly outpaces searches for the Liberal party.  A single search term appeared under top searches (no rising searches in this case) and it was unsurprisingly “ndp”.

Note: For those not familiar with this tool the numbers on the graph should not be viewed as absolute as they have been normalised. The graph is a reflection of the volume of searches relative to overall searches of the same keyword.