90% of Canadians Can’t Complete Their Own Planned Tasks Each Workday: LinkedIn

Nearly nine in 10 Canadians fail to complete all planned tasks in a given workday, a new LinkedIn study has found. LinkedIn, which has more than five million members in Canada, discovered that unplanned tasks such as unscheduled phone calls, emails, and meetings are the primary cause for throwing off the completion of a day’s to-do list.

Of the 63% of Canadians who report frequently keeping a to-do list, 51% of respondents noted that they write out their to-do lists by hand and 42% make their to-do lists on electronic devices. Globally, 50% of those who jot down to-do lists do so by hand, while 45% create them electronically, making Canadians slightly more old-school.

The likelihood that a professional will complete their to-do list varies by industry, according to LinkedIn. Professionals in agriculture claim to be the most productive, with 83% of agriculture professionals stating they regularly fulfill most or all of their planned tasks. Professionals in the legal industry, however, have the lowest completion rate on their daily plans: just 66% of respondents accomplish most or all tasks. 

Organization level also varies by gender. 71% of women say they frequently keep to-do lists, while only 60% of men say they do the same.

“No matter what industry you’re in, you can’t avoid surprise phone calls, meetings or other unplanned tasks that can get between you and your to-do list, but you can amplify efficiency throughout your day to get it all done,” said LinkedIn’s connection director, Nicole Williams. “Summon the collective intelligence on LinkedIn to work smarter and solve challenges quickly. Save time by arming yourself with insights before meetings.” 

Photo: Jeff Ellis