96% of iPhone 4S Users Are Satisfied

iPhone 4S users really, really love their devices.

According to a new study from ChangeWave Research, a remarkable 77% of iPhone 4S users are “very satisfied” with their new smartphone, while an additional 19% are “somewhat satisfied.” A very small minority of just 2% were unsatisfied with their Apple device.

Previously, the same study was conducted for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users. The iPhone 4 earned an impressive satisfaction rating of 93%, while the 3GS satisfied an incredible 99% of users. The average satisfaction rating for the past three generations of Apple’s mobile device is 96%, considerably higher than Android and BlackBerry satisfaction rates. Users cite the high-resolution screen, exceptional camera, and slick touchscreen interface as the iPhone’s finest features.

Aside from a minor battery life issue affecting a small percentage of users, the iPhone 4S has lived up to its extremely high expectations. Siri has been a smash hit and sales have outpaced all previous iPhones.