A Conversuasion Worth Having during Social Media Week Toronto

As Social Media Week Toronto came to a close it was apparent that the week brought together an amazing amount of talent underscored by a fantastic cause in Sick Kids, a very personal plight to the city of Toronto.  “Conversuasion,” an event which was produced by Ad lounge was reminiscent of an intimate gathering with good friends in a comfortable and open setting.  All in the all, the attention to detail from the signature branded cupcakes, to the highly diverse presentations and gift bags were part of the overall strategy to make the Ad lounge experience one can’t easily forget.  Speaheaded by the contagiously positive and driven Trina Boos, Ad lounge has grown substantially in its membership since its inception.  And it’s no surprise; with a prominent sponsor like DDB Canada, and names like Dre Labre (DDB Canada), Jill Nykoliation of Juniper Park and Chris Robbins of WIND Mobile in attendance, this is not an event one wants to miss. 

Facilitated and hosted by Andrew McCarthy of the sponsoring DDB Canada, it was clear that all the featured keynotes were humbled and eager to be at the helm of a conversation relevant to the industry and current landscape. 

Standout quotes:

“Boring is the new evil.” -According to Chris Robbins, if you’re interested, you’re interesting.  Engagement doesn’t happen by fluke; it’s the awareness in the importance of staying astute that allows an opportunity to be born and for an individual to realize great things.

“80% of the work needs to be done 20% of the time.”  Dre Labre explains that if the most important part of the work happens at the beginning of the execution process, then it eaves more time for finess at the end of the creative process, which is incredibly important.

“Women communicate 21,000 words a day vs. the 7000 by men.” Jill Nykoliation knows that because of the different wiring unique to men and women, much of what is communicated to females in the marketplace can be lost in translation.  We need to take a unique approach in the way we view women as consumers and recognize their strong and ever present buying power.

With the intent to build a community of advocates and like minded indivudals, Ad lounge rests on its laurels and facilitates an integrated and honest approach to having “conversuasions” that are really worth having.