A Dose of Buckley Takes Down Big Three’s ‘Fair for Canada’ Campaign in Hilarious Video

YouTube comedian A Dose of Buckley published a video over the weekend addressing Verizon’s potential entry into Canada’s wireless market.

The video (which may be NSFW due to cursing) is surprisingly tactical. Buckley addresses issues point by point, and freely admits when he doesn’t know enough to take a firm stance on something. But overall, it’s obvious which side he leans on: that Verizon entering Canada will bring real competition into the wireless market and benefit Canadian consumers.



“Rogers, Bell, and Telus made [the Fair for Canada campaign] to try and get some sympathy, but you’re whining to 30 million people you fuck in the asshole on a monthly basis,” Buckley laments. “You bend us over and you drill us and you don’t even have the courtesy to lube us up before you do it.”

The video already has nearly 100,000 views with a 99% like-to-dislike ratio, suggesting consumers agree with Buckley that Rogers, Telus, and Bell are wasting their time attempting to garner sympathy.