A Dynamite Solution in Fashion

Every season, fashion designers must pull together a photo-shoot portraying their collection for the purpose of sending to prospective buyers and for online sale. Marketing plays a crucial role in fashion, and technology can certainly enhance the reach of a designer’s selling potential.

Dynamite Network Solutions has recently launched a product called Dynamite Interactive 360°. I asked CEO, Jeff Musson a few questions about his new fashion technology.

What is Dynamite Interactive 360°?

Dynamite Interactive 360° is an innovative platform that allows the website visitor to view an outfit from 360 degrees. The online fashion model dubbed “Lucy” in the example can be controlled to move forward, backward or side to side in various outfits. The designer can choose all the details including the model and sizing. This technology has been referred to as delivering as close to a fashion show experience as if someone were sitting in the front row.

What is the process of setting this up?

In order to set up this platform, it takes about 1 day of filming and about 5 hours post production work for every 1 hour of filming.  The clothes and models are all selected ahead of time, which is no different than how a fashion show is organized and produced. All filming is done against a green-screen and then the video is edited to produce a finished product which would be available online.

What do you think of intermixing fashion and technology?

Well, fashion and technology has not been a typical fit. However, this is rapidly changing and fashion designers are beginning to embrace the power of the Internet. We hope that our technology will bridge the gap.


Dynamite Interactive 360 degrees