A First in Canada: Bell is Building Cellphone Towers Disguised as Trees

Bell is planning to build seven new cellphone towers in in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario. But these towers are playing dress-up: they will be disguised at trees.

The Bell Canada towers, which will rise nearly 100 feet in the air, will be the first such disguised cellphone towers in Canada. The U.S. has already tried this using palm trees and street lamps for costume.

Alice Murphy, mayor of the Township of Muskoka Lakes, told the Toronto Star that Bell’s proposed towers are “bizarre” and look like white pine trees “on steroids.” But by being under 30 metres, municipal approval is not required for Bell to build.

Construction begins in May for the tree phones, which will have trunks of steel and branches of fibre glass. Other sites will be getting these disguised towers as well, including oot’s Bay, Port Carling East, Port Sandfield, Walker’s Point East, Breezy Point Road, and Little Lake Joseph.

“While we are still in the planning stages, we expect to install approximately 20 tree sites throughout many communities in the greater Muskoka area,” Jason Laszlo told the Toronto Star. “The equipment comes to the location prefabricated and is assembled on site. When complete, the tree will stand between 25 and 29 meters and will be positioned to blend with existing trees.”

Photo: Toronto Star