A Fresh Take On Invoice Billing From Freshbooks

If you’re a contractor, you probably have a dozen invoices to send at the end of the month or at different times during the month.  While invoicing should be the most joyful experience, it becomes a tedious task. Mashable has a great post  about Freshbooks, an invoicing and time-tracking software is trying to put the fun back into invoicing by making their software more about networking.  Networking between accounts lets you secure and effectively manage your contractors. You can invite contractors to be a part of your team, know when you need to pay them, track time on their projects, you can also re-bill their time at a higher rate for your clients.

Contractors can bill you and work with you, but they do not gain access to client information. And to the client, it all looks the same – they’re working with you, not your complicated network.

Michael McDerment, the CEO of FreshBooks, says they’re now building a Software as a Network, as opposed to Service as a Network for a leading online invoicing service.  What are some invoicing services that you use to manage bills, contractors and payments?  Anything else out there?

Contractors in FreshBooks from FreshBooks on Vimeo.

Software As A Network from FreshBooks on Vimeo.