A modern spin on arranged marriages


I’m sure you’ve heard the stereotype that all Indian marriages are arranged.  Last week, Toronto-based start-up TwoMangoes launched in the hope to put a more modern spin on this old tradition.  

Consider Facebook meets Match.com for modern day South Asians.

Frustrated with the lack of a global solution for South Asian’s residing outside of the Indian Subcontinent, the founders of TwoMangoes decided to take matters into their own hands and develop a social platform allowing people like themselves to connect with other South Asian professionals online.

The site offers all the traditional features of an online dating site such as messaging, detailed and interactive profiles, comprehensive search ability, as well as, the latest in web 2.0 technologies including complete integration with Facebook Connect, Twitter and Flickr.

Paras Dharamshi is a co-founder of TwoMangoes:

We are very excited about this new revolution in the world of online dating. Other sites which are out there today simply don’t appeal to our demographic, being young South Asian professionals from North America, Europe and around the world.  The site has a great look which appeals to individuals that are looking for something different than the typical matrimonial site experience.

Don’t expect the site to be another boring old dating service though.  Anita Dharamshi is another one of TwoMangoes co-founders:

So many people turn to online dating sites as a way to meet new people for casual to serious relationships, we made TwoMangoes.com to make it more enjoyable to meet people and give South Asians a fresh new way of dating.  A key focus of the site is around digging deeper into people’s personalities as opposed to the generic height, weight, complexion criteria. By doing so, we are hoping to help connect people with their potential matches based on their common interests.


We would love to hear from all the NRI’s and Desi’s out there. Will you be using this site?