A primer/glossary/listicle on Alberta’s tech scene

Alberta’s tech scene is home to numerous associations, events, groups and government initiatives. This is a primer/glossary/listing of various technology related things going on in Alberta. A majority of these are currently on summer hiatus but once September rolls around activity should ramp up.

Unfortunately the list slants towards stuff in Calgary because that’s where I’m from. If you know of any other relevant organizations, events, associations I’d love to see them in the comments. 

Democamp – Short demos of working software, no PowerPoint allowed.

Calgary Council for Advanced Technology – Monthly meeting for members as well as events and speakers.

WiTec – An wireless and telecom industry association that wants to grow and increase the competitiveness of the industry in Alberta.

Alberta ICT Council – Another industry association that supports the growth and development of Alberta’s Information and Communications Technology sector.

Mobile Monday Calgary – MoMoCalgary is local outlet of www.mobilemonday.net, a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. Kicks off after summer on Sept. 7th.

STIRR Canada – Started by iStockphoto founder Patrick Lor, STIRR Canada’s focuses on early stage startups. Think of it as a support network for entrepreneurs.

Digital Alberta – A industry association for the digital media set. They do professional development workshops, advocacy work, and business development activity.

Calgary Technologies Inc. + Infoport – CTI is a not-for-profit organization that offers a suite of programs, services and resources for business commercialization and incubation. Infoport is their event and information portal.

Techrev – A recognition engine for Calgary based tech companies. They’re on the lookout for success stories. 

Alberta Council of Technologies – They advocate on behalf of Alberta’s technology-based enterprises, entrepreneurs, and industries for the creation of wealth in Alberta.

Calgary Agile Methods User Group – It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. CAMUG provides a focal point for the use of agile methods in software development organizations in Calgary. Monthly meetings at the University of Calgary. 

Calgary Agile Project Leadership Network – A forum to discuss topics of interest relating to agile project leadership. Membership is free and the meetings are provided free to members through sponsorship by host companies.

MediaCamp – Preparations are beginning in Calgary for a bar camp style event with a focus on the media.

PodCalgary – A meetup for those interested in podcasting and new media.

Third Tuesday Calgary – A monthly meetup focused on exploring new developments in social media and online community building.

IVAC – An offshoot of AVAC they provide investment and other assistance to Alberta businesses in the ICT, life sciences and other industrial technology sectors to help them get to the best possible start in their fields.

If I missed you I apologize, I’d love to hear about your organization, event or association in the comments.