A Woman’s World

On February 4th 2010, Ad Lounge hosted another successful “Conversuasion” session as part of Social Media Week in Toronto. Conversuasion brands itself as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to get live and intimate with the characters that have helped shape our advertising and marketing industry as we know it today.” 

The first storyteller of the evening was Jill Nykoliation, President of Juniper Park.  Jill’s topic of choice was “Advertising to the New Economic Powerhouse – Women.”  Jill’s presentation revolved mainly around her work with the advertising agency.  She did, however, touch on the relationship women have with the web.

To understand this unique relationship one must first understand what messages women positively respond to.  It was once thought that women would respond positively to messages of guilty, communication and emotion.  However, Jill’s work has shown that women respond better to messages of self-worth and self-improvement.

With this in mind, what do women do online?  Jill believes women’s primary objective online is to connect and share more than anything else.

Jill gives an example using the website Only in a Woman’s World‘s viral (and award-winning) video campaign.