AbeBooks Opens Its Doors To Job Seekers

On Friday, November 2nd, AbeBooks will open its doors to potential job seekers – literally. The Victoria-based online book retailer is hosting its first ever ‘Open House’ in an attempt to attract new talent to the company. The event is intended to provide job candidates with a first-hand view of the working environment, as well as the company culture. After an introduction by AbeBooks CEO, Hannes Blum, guided tours will follow. Current job openings will be outlined, and those who choose to leave a resume will be entered in a draw to win $100 worth of books.

The online retailer plans to attract and retain applicants by offering perks such as new top floor offices, extensive benefits packages, competitive wages (including bonuses), innovative employee perks, and an exciting work environment. Add to that the fact that the Victoria-based firm has been listed as one of Canada’s top 100 employers by Macleans Magazine for the past 5 years.

Current opportunities range from product management, to site operations, to systems administrator, and more. The complete list can be found here. For more information, view the company press release located here: Award-Winning Ecommerce Pioneer Invites Job-Seekers To Open House.

Disclosure: AbeBooks COO Boris Wertz is a Director of Techvibes Media Inc.