Absolute puts lost BlackBerries on Map

Vancouver’s Absolute Software announced today that it has launched a closed beta of Computrace Mobile for the BlackBerry platform. With general availability estimated in the first quarter of 2009, the new solution will deliver asset management, data protection and geolocation tracking for the popular BlackBerry line of smartphones.

“The handheld space for enterprises is dominated by the BlackBerry and our customers are excited to test our best-in-class IT asset management and data protection solution for this popular platform” said John Livingston, president and CEO of Absolute Software. “We will be able to offer our customers a single system for managing and securing their Windows and Mac laptops and desktops, Windows Mobile devices and now BlackBerry smartphones. As our customers drive to get the most out of their investments in mobile computing, this solution will provide them with the visibility and protection they need to reduce operational costs and losses due to theft and inefficient allocation.”

Computrace Mobile for the BlackBerry platform promises reduced operational costs associated with managing mobile devices and an additional layer of data protection and increased compliance with government data breach laws through remote Data Delete capabilities. Maybe Obama can keep his Blackberry? In addition, BlackBerry device owners users will be able to geolocate their lost device and display it on a map.

Computrace Mobile is currently available for all Windows Mobile(R) 5 and 6 handheld devices including popular models like the MOTO Q, Treo 750 and Samsung BlackJack.