Apple Recovery with Absolute Software

Absolute Software is already a Vancouver success story for its innovative laptop security and theft management software, and it was on hand at Macworld showcasing products such as Computrace Lojack for Macintosh, which silently connects a computer to Absolute’s monitoring centre once it connects to the internet.

“It’s less the laptop than the data you have in that laptop,” Senior Director Stephen Midgley said. “Creative people, like Mac users, have lots of valuable data. They’re also more mobile and have multiple clients,” Midgley said. He added the new Macbook Air would likely be another target for laptop thieves.

Absolute’s approach is two-fold. Not only does the software contact the company if a laptop is stolen, but Absolute then does all the legal and investigative work to recover the laptop. “Our main value is the physical recovery team. Law enforcement love us because we do the investigative work.

And all the user has to do is call and get a case ID, and we do the rest,” Midgley said. With much of Apple’s computer sales focused on highly-coveted laptops used in urban areas, anti-theft protection will continue to be an important consideration for many Mac users, as well as other laptop owners.