Accelerate Okanagan and ACETECH launch Boot Camp for Tech Entrepreneurs

Are you the founder or CEO of a technology company? At start-up or early-stage and looking to get to the next level? Wanting to grow, but currently struggling in the market? Looking for guidance and mentorship from proven CEOs?

Accelerate Okanagan is partnering with ACETECH to present the Market Validation Program in the Okanagan for the first time, starting April 2011. The Market Validation Program is a proven go-to-market boot camp for technology CEOs and founders with at least an early working version of their product.

The program combines best practice workshops with one-on-one mentoring from experienced technology CEOs to help you find and close customers and get your product to market faster and with less risk.

It is designed to help entrepreneurs identify the best market opportunity; determine a Minimum Viable Product; develop a compelling value proposition; and provide processes and tools to close your initial customers. And most importantly, the program helps entrepreneurs understand their business opportunity, determine whether it is worthwhile pursuing, and why and how you should WIN!

The program fee for local technology entrepreneurs to participate in the full Market Validation Program is just $295 (a discount of $1,500). However, participation at this price will be limited to 15 companies.

To discuss your eligibility and possible participation in the Market Validation Program, please contact Jeff Keen at