Two More Startups Graduate from the Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre announced today the graduation of two more tech startups from its incubation program.

The Waterloo-based centre for the cultivation of technology entrepreneurship graduated Mozzazz and Plum, rendering them the 44th and 45th startups to emerge from the incubator.

Past graduates include Clearpath Robotics, Kik, and Top Hat Monocle.

Mozzaz was founded by Rini Singh and Sammy Wahab. The startup’s vision is to provide affordable, cloud-enabled solutions to assist individuals with complex healthcare needs, while providing better connectivity and collaboration to the care teams who support that person.

Founded by Caitlin and Neil MacGregor and Christine Bird, Plum’s loud-based hiring solution identifies job applicants with the highest potential and matches them to a company’s culture and position using the science of psychology.

Since 2006, the Accelerator Centre has developed and nurtured 130 early-stage technology startups, creating 1200 new jobs and generating more than $400 million in revenue and funding.