AcceleratoryYYC Partners with Startup Calgary to Empower Canadian Entrepreneurs

AcceleratorYYC has partnered with Startup Calgary.

The partnership will see Startup Calgary use AcceleratorYYC’s startup coworking space. Earlier this month, Startup Calgary changed its vision to focus solely on empowering startups. This collaboration marks the first major step toward achieving that new vision.

“With a strong vision of empowering, inspiring and encouraging others to begin actively working on their ideas, we naturally need a great place to host our events [that] already complements our welcoming attitude,” says Sean Collins, VP of Partnerships with Startup Calgary. “Our goal is to help create more full time startups and hand them off to great organizations like AcceleratorYYC.”

“Not only does [AcceleratorYYC] provide us with a fantastic space to host events and run programs, but it also makes it easier for early stage entrepreneurs to understand who the players in our community are and how we can truly help them out,” he adds.
“AcceleratorYYC is extremely excited to work with Startup Calgary to provide the resources and supportive community needed to help new startups grow and succeed,” says AcceleratorYYC’s founder Pieter Boekhoff. “Both organizations are focused on the critical early stages of growth for entrepreneurs.”

This week, the two organizations launched their first official partnered event: Startup Speed Dating. The purpose of this event was to offer an opportunity for startups to meet and find their perfect hustler, hacker, or hipster.
Launching next Tuesday, March 26 are weekly Hack Nights, a free event for anyone who wants to start a startup or take part in the community.