Access to Capital in BC

Access to capital is a recurring theme in Vancouver’s start-up community. Venture Capital is a prime source of funds, but the process to get to the funding stage is generally long, arduous and not very transparent for first-timers. BCTIA is bringing together representatives from four Renaissance Fund managers – Arch Ventures, Walden Capital, Vantage Point and Celtic Ventures – to discuss Access to Capital in BC on October 8th. In April, the BC Government launched the $90 Million BC Renaissance Capital Fund.

Specifically, the event will cover:

  • What are VCs looking for in a company and how fertile is BC as a hunting ground?
  • BC technology companies and their exit trends
  • The prime objectives of the BC Renaissance Capital Fund
  • How do companies best prepare to engage with VCs?
  • Why and how do strategic investors look for acquisition targets?
  • How do they engage and how does the process work?
  • Recent examples of successful transactions and what happened to the acquired team

The event includes keynotes, a panel discussion, and Q&A and is scheduled to run from 5:00pm – 7:30pm on October 8th at the Renaissance Harbourside.